4′ Parlor Palm Artificial Tree in Boho Chic Handmade Cotton & Jute White Woven Planter


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Height-4 Ft.
Width-22 In.
Depth-22 In.
Pot Size
H: 12 In. W: 14 In. D: 14 In.


10 in stock

Want to transform your space into a tropical oasis? Turn your rooms into a jungle with this Parlor Palm Artificial Tree, native to Central America. Inspired by nature, the palm tree has natural red variegation on the trunk and lifelike green fronds. Assembled from high-quality materials, feel free to bend the branches and shape to fit your space. Standing 4′ from a boho chic planter, house in any compact area. Perfect for a bedroom, living room, or bathroom that needs a Tulum touch.