5′ Super Deluxe Ficus Artificial Tree with 2100 Bendable Branches


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Height:- 5 Ft.
Widht:- 36 In.
Depth:- 36 In.


10 in stock

Ficus trees (weeping fig) are in right now. Known for their glossy leaves and braided trunks (if you’re lucky enough) ? grace any room with their presence. This faux Ficus Tree with a natural trunk elegantly showcases green, variegated leaves from slender bendable branches that arch from 4 braided real, natural trunks, adding a decorative, organic touch. Visually appealing, standing at 5′ from a black planter, curate this beauty in your living room, bedroom, or nursery for a soft, delicate look. This ficus tree is sure to never go out of style.